alright so i guess i’m just gonna say my ~fursona~ is a shapeshifter since she changes every time i draw her and leave it at that. :I this is the closest thing to a ref i’ve ever done????? she can be p much anything tho, and especially likes being a noodledragon or a naga.

also naked because i’ve been attempting to draw porn lately oops (⊙‿⊙✿) yeah i have weird kinks involving wires and technological entities go figure

oops clickthrough was too small fix’d

so just to let you guys know, this account is kind of dead! i’m mostly over at my alt account now. started using it as a place to throw inspiration around and i RP on it a bit here and there as a warning but i really don’t post over here anymore, if anyone happens to wonder where i’ve been the past few months.

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Well here’s a headline you don’t see every day…

If you’re skeptical, hear him say it for himself

It just gets worse and worse as you read it and LISTEN to him. Holy crap. Spread this, I mean it, to every American able to vote LISTEN.



hahahaha this made my day

Oh wow, I don’t know whether to laugh at this level of unselfconscious arrogance and how foolish someone has to be to actually SAY things like this while hoping to be elected President, or to cry because there really are people who are this radically out of touch with and callous toward their fellow human beings, who are in positions of power over those people.

I really hope this explodes in Romney’s face.

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hampshirewildlifeVienetta on Flickr.

oh hey you found julien’s hipster photo stash good job

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damien’s a huge derp help

comb your hair that’s not very tradition

He looks like Carl Sagan only REALLY HIGH

sounds accurate enough

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damien’s a huge derp help

comb your hair that’s not very tradition


Isa Genzken Weltempfänger 1990 

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Thanatix —> Kereon —> Thanayami

Dragon, Dragon / Ghost, Dragon / Ghost

Artist: Neliorra

Wow, does it die when it evolves the first time?

It looks like it is looking out of its own skull.

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